Aloe Ferox natural skincare and wellbeing products.

Aloe Ferox is a range of natural skincare, hair care and wellbeing products. Timeless Skin is a paraben-free, clinically proven anti-ageing solution.

Natural Beauty Care are exclusive UK agents for these unique ‘out of Africa’ brands. Happily we ship to Europe and all around the world.


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What makes Aloe Ferox different?

  • Its natural, healing, moisturising, and rejuvenating properties are legendary.
  • It’s indigenous to the Cape, South Africa where it grows organically.
  • Aloe Ferox is free-range harvested, by local tappers. The plant lives for around 50 years. The local community benefits – immediately. It’s arguably better than Fair Trade.
  • Used as a natural remedy for millennium; treating burns and helping to  heal and regenerate skin.
  • Aloe Ferox is a traditional healing remedy for host of health complaints. It has a well-earned reputation as a Pharmacy in a Plant’.
  • Herbal wellbeing products help you to be well and stay well. Discover natural relief for complaints for psoriasis, eczema, acne, roscea, erectile dysfunction, menopause, arthritis, IBS and constipation.

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