Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel 100ml


Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel is treatment for teenage, acne, spotty or damaged skin.

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Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel for problem skin.

A natural skincare solution, Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel is treatment for teenage, acne, spotty or damaged skin.

Clear your complexion with Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel.

A herbal formula, it uses the considerable healing power of Aloe Ferox. The active Aloe Ferox ingredient helps boost your skin’s production of natural collagen – building blocks to a youthful complexion. It’s analgesic properties help to soothe your skin, detoxify, disinfect as well as fight bacteria.  Here’s the interesting bit, Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel also helps prevent hyper-pigmentation by absorbing ultra-violet light. So if you find yourself out and about on a surprisingly sunny day, don’t fret, it will help prevent sunburn.  If you have light sensitive skin, pigmentation, scar tissue, acne, tinea tricolour, rosacea or lupus, this product is a winner.

Directions for using Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel.

  • Cleanse your facial and neck area with Aloe Ferox Facial Wash Bitter. Pat dry gently.
  • Apply Aloe Ferox Balancing Toner by sweeping over face and neck with a cotton ball. This will help remove the last trace of dirt, oiliness or make-up, tightening the pores.  Avoid your eye area.
  • Apply a thin layer of Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel to your moist face and neck. Apply a suitable moisturiser. Moisturiser for a mattifying effect – particularly useful for T-zone use Aloe Ferox Vanishing Cream.
  Active ingredients. Aloe Bitters, Tea Tree Oil, Honey bush, Evening Primrose glycerides, Almond glycerides, Allantoin, Sorbitol, Imidazolidinyl Urea 0.20%, Methyl Chloroisothiazolinone 0.08%.  

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