A rare thing – a price increase.

Dear Ferox Fans

There is no point beating about the bush. We need to let you know Natural Beauty Care have had to increase our prices across the store. As price increases have been rare thing over our 10 years of trading, you may be disappointed to find your favourite product has been affected. Brexit is accounting for increases in costs now across the UK. However, in our case, this is not the case. Rather we have had to review costs against other market forces – exchange rates, distribution and import costs. We have made the increase with a heavy heart, but intend to hold the prices for quite some time. So no more surprises.

We hope you will continue to support our micro-business. As official distributors for Aloe Ferox, Albertina, South Africa we are pleased to be able to bring to the UK, and Europe this unique range of skincare and wellbeing products. Aloe Ferox with its broad range of natural plant extracts is the foundation stone for the many products that offer a natural alternative to chemically engineered mass market products. And, buy chosing Aloe Ferox you support freelance aloe pickers, their families and communities, making the best use of land that cannot be used for anything else.

In our own, little way, we offer a more sustainable shopping choice.

Be well. Stay well.