Born in Western Cape.

Aloe Ferox products are born in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Aloe Ferox natural skincare and wellbeing products are formulated and carefully made, for you, in South Africa, in the Western Cape.

Natural Beauty Care are the only UK agents for Aloe Ferox from Albertinia. We import from this rather special family owned business that works hard to provide high-quality affordable products, manufactured under rigorous manufacturing standards.

All manufacturing and product development is done on the premises of the factory in Albertinia. Modern machinery is used to manufacture an extensive range of high quality products. Despite the size of their operation, they have managed to retain the feeling of a friendly, family-owned business. We chose to work with them to grow their business for many reasons, but the primary one is because they are good people. They operate ethically with consideration for their staff, their community, the free-lance aloe tappers and the farmers in the area.

Reputable and respectable, they are members of:

  • The Society for Cosmetic Chemists
  • The International Federation for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists
  • Aloe Ferox are founder members of the South African Aloe Council


Free from animal cruelty, naturally.

None of the products are ever tested on animals (exactly what you’d expect from a modern, ethical company).

Aloe ferox, the plants grows in the wild and no pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers are used. The leaves are carefully harvested by freelance workers, from the bottom of the plant to protect the plant for future generations. As a matter of interest, the method of harvesting actually encourages the plant to regenerate.

We are the main agent in the United Kingdom (UK) and are delighted to bring this special range across the ocean for your pleasure.  We export to Europe and the rest of the world too. 


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