Case studies about Aloe Ferox from SA

Case studies about Aloe Ferox from South Africa.

Natural Beauty Care is the exclusive UK agents for Aloe Ferox and we hear from customers all the time about how they have been made more comfortable, confident, or independent using Aloe Ferox.

What follows here are stories from real people in South Africa. Original records of customer testimonials are kept by Aloe Ferox in Albertina, Cape Town.

Aloe Ferox for firework burns.

Story from Sam Coetzee, Albertinia. Sam was helping out with a firework display. One of the fireworks was faulty and exploded in his face causing serious damage to his skin and eyes. Within a few minutes, he applied Aloe Ferox and was rushed to hospital. The doctor told him it would take weeks for the skin to recover and was concerned about scarring. Sam continued to apply Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel regularly and within eight days a new layer of skin had formed.

Today there is no visible sign of the ordeal he went through. 

Aloe Ferox for teenage or problem skin.

Duan, a 16-year-old, became aware at a young age of the benefits of following a proper skin care routine. He developed a great respect for aloe products. Today he can boast with a good skin and plenty of attention from the opposite sex. You will never catch him without his Aloe ferox products. Duan Visser, Pietersburg.

Aloe Ferox for helping with hair regrowth and slowing baldness

Whilst still at high school, Jaco used strong bleach to colour his hair. It caused permanent damage and he lost all his hair. He had to be satisfied with baldness for the rest of his life. 15 years later, after a visit to the Aloe Ferox shop at Albertinia, he started using some of his wife’s aloe products. To everyone’s surprise a patch of fine fluffy hair appeared after 2 months on his bald head. The fluffy hair is multiplying fast and “real” hair is starting to grow. He already had a haircut twice. He said that one of these days he will have to take new ID photos, as no one will recognise him from the old ones!! Jaco van Deventer, Western Cape.

Aloe Ferox for improved immunity.

Jenny’s housekeeper’s son (4 years) is HIV positive. Although on permanent medication he suffers from chronic colds, fever and severe headaches. Because of these symptoms, he was regularly hospitalised. After 4 months of consistent use of Aloe ferox, he now seldom experiences a running nose, fever or headaches. Jenny says that he gets better every day. Jenny Bryson,East London.

Aloe Ferox for improved circulation.

At 74 years old, Christine is head and shoulders above her contemporaries when it comes to clarity and memory. She believes it is due to the Aloe ferox she uses and says her circulation has also improved. In the past she had to receive regular injections for a large painful bunion, but now after regular application of Aloe ferox, the pain is a thing of the past. She just cannot help telling people about what a difference Aloe ferox has made in her life. Christine Bartman, Riversdal.

Aloe Ferox for sagging skin after rapid weight loss.

Ria Koegelenberg is a petit, 54-year old, lady and very proud of her age. She is a proud supporter of woman’s rights and is a true inspiration for womankind. She says it is nonsense for women to accept the fact that their breasts become saggy and wrinkled with age. She lost 7kg in 14 days due to a stressful time in her life. Her breasts became saggy and lost their elasticity. The thought of plastic surgery came up, but she decided to try Aloe ferox first. After using it for 3 months the visible improvement made an operation obsolete. Her breasts are lovely, firm, and supple. This has also forced her to do a daily routine check on her breasts. She is sure that even when she is very old, she will still have lovely breasts. She also used it under her eyes as an eye cream for fine lines. Ria Koegelenberg, Kuilsrivier.

How Aloe Ferox helped with an abscess and wound.

Blackie developed an abscess just underneath his coccyx. It formed a huge swollen sac that was very painful. When he went to the doctor, he was immediately admitted in hospital. The abscess burst open and the doctor drained it. Two days later he was sent back home with only a prescription for antibiotics. His wife, Marie, was very concerned with the deep wound that was the size of a R2 coin, and 3 cm deep. Out of desperation she phoned the Aloe Ferox office for advice. She was told to clean the wound with a mixture of aloe bitters and water, and then afterwards apply the aloe gel to the wound opening. Marie went through this ritual twice a day and said she could see the miracle happening in front of her eyes. Even the doctor and nursing personnel from the hospital could not believe their eyes. Within 2 weeks the wound started healing from the inside, and after 3 weeks only the scar was visible. Marie writes to tell us that she sleeps, drinks and eats aloe – Aloe Ferox.  Blackie Swart, Klerksdorp.

Aloe Ferox for help with short-term memory loss.

Robert wrote to Aloe Ferox in South Africa from Great Britain to share his news. He had a problem with his short-term memory and was due for treatment at a clinic. Because of the long waiting list at the clinic, he visited South Africa where he was introduced to Aloe ferox. He started using Aloe ferox, with amazing results. His condition has improved to such an extent that treatment is not necessary anymore. Robert Lloyd, Great Britain. A product recommended for optimal brain function is Clever-4-Ever.

Easing allergic reactions to skincare and make-up.

Every year Magda takes a hike along the 90 km Fish River Canyon hiking trail. Every year she says never again… until the next year! When she experiences the immense Fish River all her resolutions change. After completing the first day’s 8 km route, she discovered that the straps from her backpack had chaffed her hips and that the skin was raw. Before taking her bath and just before going to bed, she applied Aloe ferox. She was quite surprised the next morning – her skin was not red and sensitive anymore. Magda wrote: “There was no more stopping me. Almost all (47 people) doing the hiking trail were treated every now and then with Aloe ferox. No muscle pain or sunburn stood a chance when treated with Aloe ferox. I can say with confidence that I’m a complete gel junky and Aloe ferox is never far from me.” Magda Greyling, Van Stadensrus.

Martie is so excited. For the first time in many years she is able to use skin care products and make-up. She literally tried everything, but time and again her face was covered with inflamed carbuncles. She was allergic to all beauty products and gave up hope of finding a product that worked. After a visit to the shop in Albertinia she decided to try a new product one last time. After using it she could not believe how wonderful her skin looked and felt. Martie Uys, Parys.

How Aloe Ferox helped to treat frostbite in a dog.

Ontario, Canada, the fairytale world is inundated with snow. Karen rescued a stray dog from the street and took it to the nearby animal shelter. Bambi’s ears were so badly burnt from the snow, that the Veterinarian wanted to put the dog to sleep. She took the dog home, and started treating it with Aloe Ferox. Two months later the dog’s ears were completely healed without any visible signs of scarring. Karen Copeland, Canada.


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