Case study Aloe Ferox for second degree burns

How Aloe Ferox was used to provide relief for second degree burns.

How Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel helped to heal my second degree burns with no scarring.

“I got very badly burned on my stomach from high pressure steam which resulted in second degree burns. I rushed to my GP surgery where I was attended to by two nurses who were quite taken aback by the severity of the burns. They immediately administered painkillers and applied sterile dressings and wrapped me in bandages from my waist to my armpits. The dressings had to be changed every morning for 14 days to prevent any infection.”

2nd degree burns      Burns healed with no scarring thanks to Aloe Ferox

Burns healed with no scarring thanks to Aloe Ferox

Moisturising 2nd degree burns.

“When the final dressing was removed I was told to use a moisturising cream to keep the area moist but to expose it to air to aid the healing process. I was still in considerable discomfort and extremely itchy. I used Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel for the burns, every morning and evening and after two days the itching had stopped.

After a week of use I was amazed at the rate at which the redness and scarring diminished. I continued to use the gel for some time afterwards with great results.”

“I cannot speak highly enough of this product and its incredible properties.”

B Mitchell, Doune.

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