Case study aloe for psoriasis of scalp and ears

Case study about how aloe helped provide relief for Psoriasis of the scalp and ears in a child.

Anoosh Liddell, mIPSA, ITEC is a reflexologist and aromatherapist. This is a case study of how she used the natural power of Aloe Vera and essential oils to help naturally treat psoriasis.

Psoriasis on the head, scalp, and ears.

She treated a girl of 7 whose psoriasis was confined to severe scalp infliction with itchiness and scabbing behind the ears. She was scratching and causing bleeding.

Anoosh recommended a change in diet, eliminating dairy, convenience foods, white flour products, fizzy drinks, pickled foods, oranges, and tomatoes. She chose to use aloe vera juice as the main ingredient to relieve psoriasis. Why? Psoriasis is related to the nutritional integrity of the skin and she considered that its overall health was dependant on the nutrients reaching the skin from the blood vessels in the body’s connective tissue. The benefit of the aloe vera juice was to correct any increased body needs for certain nutrients that were not being supplied and in hypothesis creating a deficiency – thereby resulting in psoriasis symptoms.

She also combined the oils of jojoba, sweet almond, evening primrose, sesame seed, and borage with essential oils of benzoin, bergamot, cajuput, neroli, birch, and rose otto to massage into the scalp and behind the ears nightly. Every morning a mild vegetable-based shampoo was used. A tonic after washing was a blend of essential oils (bergamot, carrot seed, german, chamomile, eucalyptus and lavender) mixed with 100ml water, sprayed to dampen the scalp.

The process continued for a week. In two days all the scabs had come away revealing new pink skin with no itching whatsoever. Over the weeks the girl continued taking the aloe vera juice each day but the need for the oiling and tonic diminished, taking place only once a week. After one year she was free of psoriasis.

How can aloe help you with your psoriasis?

Given the success of this case study, do share the information with your local aeromatherapist or herbalist and take their advise as to how best to proceed with your condition. Please remember to always speak to your doctor or health specialist before embarking on a new course of treatment.

The detail of the case study is from ‘Aloe Vera. Nature’s Silent Healer. Alasdair Barcroft and Dr Auden Myskja’.

Aloe Vera and Aloe Ferox are the from the same plant family. However, due to amount of bitters it contains, Aloe Ferox is 20 x stronger than Aloe Vera.

Suggestions from Natural Beauty Care.

Take Aloe Ferox Whole-leaf Aloe Juice daily to help improve your body’s nutrient take-up and improve the alkalinity of your body. 

Eliminating acidic foods such as oranges and tomatoes help too.

Application of a topical gel such as Aloe Ferox Whole-leaf Gel can be immensely soothing. 


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