Case study Aloe Ferox helped with psoriasis interrupting sleep

How Aloe Ferox helped me get some sleep while I was dealing with itchy psoriasis.


“I no longer have my sleep interrupted with high levels of discomfort.”

“I have suffered from psoriasis for several years. In the last 18 months my condition worsened noticeably in terms of area affected and irritation levels and night time itchiness was affecting my sleep patterns.”

“All of the prescription medicines including steroid based creams and various moisturising agents I had used did not improve my condition to any real degree.”

Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel.

“I was introduced to Aloe Ferox Super Gel for psoriasis 2 months ago. My initial thoughts were of scepticism as everything else had made very little difference. I noticed even as early as the second or third application that my condition had started to improve. This improvement continued, until after about 10 days the irritation had greatly reduced and the visual skin damage had healed significantly all over.”

“I continue to use the Aloe Ferox Gel with success. My condition has not totally disappeared, however the Aloe Ferox Gel maintained this improvement and kept my condition to a very comfortable and manageable level in particular at nights when I no longer have my sleep interrupted with high levels of discomfort.”

Mr. L, Stirling.

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