How to treat acne at home

How to treat acne at home. Natural Beauty Care offers some suggestions for natural ‘Do at home’ acne treatments. If your acne is mild or less severe, there are some natural and effective acne treatments that you can follow at home. Herbal treatments There are numerous herbs which are effective as a natural acne treatment. Try sage, sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, basic, sandalwood or tea tree oil. Steep the herbs in hot water and apply the cooled infusion directly to affected areas. Neem is also effective in treating a variety of skin disorders. You can buy Neem in leaf powder form. Turmeric taken internally or applied as a paste to your skin is a good at-home treatment for acne – but do remember that it is staining and will add a yellow tinge to your skin that will require careful cleansing. So don’t try this before a big night out. Substitute regular tea for green tea which is considered to be helpful for cleansing your system. Fruit with high levels of acidity, applied directly to the skin is a great natural acne treatment. Choose from mango, pawpaw or grapefruit (avoiding lemon) . Mash the fruit to a pulp and apply directly to your skin like a mask. You can add oatmeal or egg yolk if you wish. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse well. Natural Toners to prevent acne A natural home-made toner suitable for acne can be made using cucumber juice, apple cider vinegar or tea tree distilled in mineral water . To help tighten pores after thoroughly cleansing your skin, rub an ice cube over your face before toning. Aloe Ferox offers natural skincare solutions for clear complexions. Aloe Ferox Facial Wash Bitter is a natural skin care product for the facial care and treatment of acne, spots and pimples. It contains Aloe Ferox bitter sap plant chemicals that are bacteria, virus and parasite unfriendly, helping to support the detoxification and disinfection of your skin. Aloe Ferox Bitter Aloe Gel with its aloe bitters works like a natural topical antibiotic and has pain-killing benefits as well as a combination of herbs known for effectiveness in dealing with skin problems. For treating acne from the inside out, a supplement like Radical Image is highly effective at balancing hormonal levels. It improves skin immunity from bacteria, is detoxifing and contains anti-oxidants. It will help to achieve a healthy, spot-free skin. Follow this link for a full range of natural Aloe Ferox Skin care products for acne skin. Home  
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