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Are we disconnected from the world around us?

There is a clever chap, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee who writes for The Guardian and was recently contemplating the deeper human issues that may be, in part responsible for our environmental crises.

He said, ‘If we go to the root of the present ecological crisis we will find a state of disconnection. We appear frighteningly disconnected from real awareness of the effects of our materialistic culture upon the very ecosystem that supports us. The challenge is to develop a value-based economic structure, that is not concerned solely with our material well-being, but embraces the whole human being – body and spirit – as well as the rich biodiversity of the Earth.’

Isn’t is funny how when you focus on something, some idea, suddenly everything feels connected? I was having an internal conversation earlier this week. I had some random questions about the ‘disconnect’ of our modern age.

When we get ‘plugged into’ technology do we dampen our awareness of the world around us?

When people travel across the world and make modern families not related by blood but experience do they feel that they belong but aren’t bonded?

If people have their beliefs but don’t worship with others do they feel alone in the universe?

I don’t have answers. I don’t have hard opinions. But I know that the busier I get and the less time I spend with family, friends, nature, yeah – my dog and my quiet self, the more I am at risk of being  spiritually impoverished.

Right now, given some personal challenges, my motto is to do more with less – less time, less energy, less angst. And to live in the moment.

My hope for you  is that you be well, stay well.  


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