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How to look younger for longer, naturally.

How to look younger for longer, naturally.

Defy the typical tell-tale signs of ageing with natural skincare and wellbeing. Self-care. Take care.  

As we become older, skin becomes less elastic and fine lines and wrinkles appear. Call them laughter lines if you prefer. Daily skin care greatly assist in delaying the effects of time. But cleansing, toning and moisturising alone are not anti-ageing solutions. Here are some tips for delaying time, and how to look younger for longer by managing your health, fitness and wellbeing. 

  • Be mindful about following a balanced diet as the food you eat is important for your health and skin /complexion.
  • Drink water – plenty of it, balancing your diet and liquid intake.
  • Give cigarettes a skip – nicotine doesn’t do you any favours, and tell-tale smoking lines form earlier on your lips.
  • Try to avoid excessive alcohol – not always the fun option, but the sensible one if you want to take care of your face and liver.
  • Do your best to follow a regular exercise routine. An early morning walk, lunch time gym session or evening salsa class – whatever works for you.
  • Avoid eating trans fats and saturated fats as they aren’t great for your face or your ‘bottom-line’.
  • Adopt a skin care routine that is suited to your skin type, and follow it morning and night.
  • Never let it be said that we said, ‘Do this, do that, do the next thing.’ Rather, just do what you can, when you can.
  • Like all things, let common-sense prevail.

The above are all good habits, but may take time to establish. 

Skincare products that can help you to look younger for longer. 

What do you look for in an anti-ageing skincare range? Timeless Skin? Should it be free of drying alcohol? Would you like it free of preservatives? Would you prefer it without soap? You would expect that it is never tested on animals. But what if you could have all of this and more? 

Timeless Skin harnesses the power of nature and matches it with scientific know-how, using internationally renowned cosmetic actives. In short you have a range inspired by nature and underpinned by science. Can’t do better than that, really.

Take care.


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