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If you live in the city – take a walk in the park to be well and stay well.

Getting reconnected with nature.

A study conducted by the University of Queensland (UQ) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED); it found that visiting parks delivered benefits such as:
– reduced risk of developing heart disease,
– stress,
– anxiety and depression.

A walk in the park does you good.

The report stated that ‘If city residents all went to a park for a half hour weekly, there would be 7 percent fewer cases of depression and 9 percent fewer cases of high blood pressure.’ I completely get that. When I arrived in London I noticed two things. How busy and crowded the city was. And how the parks gave you space to breathe, be apart from the throng and feel more peaceful. Clearly I’m not alone in this feeling.

“If everyone visited their local parks for half an hour each week there would be seven per cent fewer cases of depression and nine percent fewer cases of high blood pressure,” says UQ CEED researcher Dr. Danielle Shanahan.

She added that, “Given that the societal costs of depression alone in Australia are estimated at $A12.6 billion a year, savings to public health budgets across all health outcomes could be immense.”

UQ CEED researcher Associate Professor Richard Fuller said the research could change people’s attitudes about city parks. “We’ve known for a long time that visiting parks is good for our health, but we are now beginning to establish exactly how much time we need to spend in parks to gain these benefits,” he says.
“We have specific evidence that we need regular visits of at least half an hour to ensure we get these benefits.”

So if you are feeling like a refresher, get out of the confines of an office and commune with nature. It’s simple, free and as the research proves, it’s good for you. Naturally, for those of you that do this all the time, it’ll be no surprise.

If you’re pre-scheduled to the hilt, make a date with the outdoors.

Be well. Stay well.


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How do you find the best skincare products?

Good, better, best skincare products. Not all brands are created equal. 

With so many companies touting their wares, and making promises about dewy complexions, looking 10 years younger and so on, the choice can be overwhelming.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find a skincare company that delivers on the simple promise delivering what it says it will? Like cleansing without drying…toning without the damaging effects of alcohol…rejuvenating without clogging the pores and providing deep hydration where you need it most.

Natural Beauty Care talks about moisturising.

The small miracles a tube of moisturising cream is supposed to deliver give pause for thought, don’t they? A refreshing find would be moisturiser that

  • Was affordable
  • Hydrated deeply with lasting moisturising effect.
  • Non-greasy.
  • Not pimple-forming.
  • Not over-perfumed.
  • Didn’t make your T-zone look like a shiny ski ramp
  • Doesn’t cause a rash.
  • And is kind to bunnies – being ethically produced, that is never tested on animals.

Now after that (rather demanding) wish list, add these wishes.

A skincare range that is:

  • Plant based
  • Harnesses the healing power of nature
  • Is manufactured in clinical conditions – that’s a must I recon.
  • Created by a small family business.
  • The supports the local community in which it is home.
  • A range whose main ingredients are grown organically.
  • The ingredients grow on ground that is no use for anything else – you can’t grow crop on it or even graze sheep as it’s so steep.
  • A skincare range made possible with a freelance workforce whose office is the land on which they work.
  • Workers who pay no ‘rent’ for the land. They do a handshake deal with the farmer and land is  promised to them, for FREE, for, well, almost forever, as long as the farmer and his family stay there too.

Sounds too good to be true? Not really, Aloe Ferox natural skincare products answer the full wish list. Mostly because they are not competing with the global, big brands mass produced and retailed in department stores and supermarkets.

Small, ethical, sound, they use distributors and are ‘never on the high street’.

If you want to get your hands on Aloe Ferox  you can, right here. It’s exclusively available in the UK through us at Natural Beauty Care.

‘In my humble opinion, one of the best skincare  product ranges around.’ Michelle Mitchell, Owner, Natural Beauty Care..

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Is your gassy belly making you contribute to global warming?

Is your gassy belly causing you grief?
Think you may have IBS? Here’s the embarrassing Q…when you let go is it awfully smelly?

If you suffer from IBS, constipation or digestive problems, you probably said yes to both questions.
Here is a reference to an article I read that got me thinking.

When cows, sheep and goats burp and pass gas, they release a lot of methane gas. That’s a well-known fact. However, even though methane is odourless and colourless it is 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at trapping the sun’s energy ─ making it a potent greenhouse gas.

There are something like 1.3 billion cows worldwide — constantly belching and releasing methane gas — it’s becoming a serious concern to combating global warming. As it turns out, over a third of all methane emissions (around 900 billion tonnes every year) are produced by cows. Recently, Irish researchers reported that adding omega-3 fish oil to the diets of cattle, reduced the amount of methane gas released. The oils directly affect the methane-producing bacteria in the gut.

Now fortunately, most of the gas we humans release is NOT methane so taking omega-3 fish oil won’t help you with your gas and bloating issues. But it is excellent for overall wellbeing (hair, skins, nails, body function.) But if you are suffering from gas, bloating, constipation or indigestion, you need to take care of yourself. Your body telling you something is out of balance.

Aloe Ferox helps with many wellbeing issues, but providing natural relief from digestion problems (and a remedy for burns) is what it does particularly well. From personal experience of gastro-intestinal problems, positive feedback from regular customers and friends, I can personally vouch for the relief that Aloe Ferox can provide.

Natural remedy for constipation, IBS and digestion
Aloe Ferox Crystals – the most powerful solution for relieving constipation and getting digestion going again
Aloe Ferox Fabulous Fibre Bitters – a daily aid for a healthy tummy, ensuring constipation is a problem of the past
Aloe Ferox Fabulous Fibre Regular – all the daily fibre you need in a handy pill. Perfectly complements modern lifestyles.
Aloe Ferox Whole-Leaf Juice rich in fibre it digestion and provides cooling relief from heartburn. It offers wealth of other wellbeing benefits.