Pet care, naturally

Aloe Ferox – great for people, and a helpful inclusion in your pet’s regime too.

Aloe Ferox Pet Care harnesses the considerable wellbeing botanical properties of the Aloe Ferox plant to care for your pets. With over 130 medicinal compounds, it has a well-earned reputation as a ‘pharmacy in a plant’.

Aloe Ferox for dogs, cats, livestock and birds.

No reason to keep all the goodness to yourself. Why not share these powerful, natural pet care products with your pooch, pussy cat, furry friends, livestock and birds?

Aloe Ferox Bitter Crystals in the water of livestock and birds help to deter parasites such as ticks. 

Professional pigeon racers use the crystals to keep their birds in tip-top condition. How exactly? That seems to be an insider secret.  

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