Natural hair care

Natural Aloe Ferox hair care products for  bouncy, shiny, healthier looking hair.

Aloe Ferox offers natural hair care products for common hair and scalp problems.  The active plant botanical Aloe Ferox is revered for its  hydrating and rejuvenating properties.

Let your hair be your crowning glory.

Every day care – natural shampoos.

For everyday shampooing, Aloe Ferox Revitalizing Shampoo is a natural hair care product. It is suitable for normal as well as damaged, dyed (colour-treated), dry and chemically treated hair.

Should you have oily hair and dry scalp (as a result of psoriasis / eczema / dermatitis) then the right shampoo for you is Aloe Ferox Shampoo Bitter.

Natural conditioner

Aloe Ferox Nutri-Hair Conditioner makes even the most unruly hair touchably soft. It restores bounce and shine. It is suitable for all hair types but is particularly helpful for frizzy, dry, dyed or permed hair. Nutri Hair Conditioner acts like a rescue balm, every time you use it. It is a drink for dry hair.

Slow the effects of hair loss or balding

Are you shedding more hair that you’d like or exhibiting signs of baldness? A daily herbal supplement, Nutri-hair helps slow hair loss and balding.

Aloe Ferox Nutri-Hair Herbal Supplement is a natural hair care, herbal product that works by helping to stimulate hair regrowth.

Help soothing an irritating, itchy scalp.

If you have a dry scalp condition, particularly itchy scalp, you will find relief by using Aloe Ferox Whole-leaf Gel. A light, non-oily gel it won’t weigh your hair down and avoids lank locks. Its soothing formula combines the active plant ingredient Aloe Ferox, avocado oil, sweet almond oil and evening primrose oil. Some of our customers have found it beneficial when their scalp is inflamed with psoriasis or eczema. It works well teamed with Aloe Ferox Shampoo Bitter and Nutri Hair Conditioner.

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