Thank you Michelle for the Aloe Ferox Foaming Cleanser. We originally tried this product in South Africa and were so happy to find a supplier in the UK. My teenage daughter loves this product. She has very sensitive skin that is prone to some blemishes. After trying many other products, this is the one she has continued with. I would recommend the product and buying it through Natural-Beauty Care. J. Durr.

***** First class delivery order on a Monday delivered Wednesday. Aloe Ferox is truly a life saver. I had given up hope after trying so many different remedies for constipation and came across this (Aloe Ferox Bitter Crystals) on line. So happy I ordered these as I highly recommend to anyone having the same problem. Janice Anderson, TrustPilot

***** Excellent hand cream. This hand cream is excellent. Therapeutic and using only a little at a time is non-greasy. Not highly perfumed which suits me. I was in South Africa and only bought one very small Aloe Ferox Hand Cream from a well-established different brand outlet there in Albertinia. Regretted not buying more. This is a great product at a very good price and is available in the UK! I have bought far more expensive products that don’t work half as well for my hands. Aloe ferox is a no-brainer.

Thank you Michelle for the Aloe Ferox bitter crystals. They worked within hours so I will continue taking them! Justyna.

***** Prompt delivery. J Price TrustPilot

***** Very kind and professional. Highly recommended. TrustPilot

*****Great products. Easy to order and a very fast delivery service. Anthonie Badenhorst

We have tried everything (for constipation) even Aloe Vera, but nothing else except for Aloe Ferox Fabulous Fibre Bitters works. Mrs. White.

I have suffered from psoriasis for several years… I was introduced to Aloe Ferox Super Gel for psoriasis 2 months ago. My condition has not totally disappeared, however the Gel maintained this improvement and kept my condition to a very comfortable and manageable level. Mr. L, Cambusbarron, Scotland.

Thanks very much for sending me the moisturizing day cream and the Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel. Since I started using them, I have noticed that the pores on my skin have reduced in size, my skin feels really hydrated and I have less spots too. Great products at a very reasonable price. Thanks again. J Stewart, Sutton, London.

Customer testimonial. ‘I was getting sharp pains around the hip joint and since taking the Aloe Ferox Joint Support it eased considerably and more importantly when I stopped taking it the pain has returned so I would definitely recommend Aloe Ferox Joint Support from Natural Beauty Care which contains Aloe Ferox.’ P Newland, Surrey, England.

Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel for burns. After a week of use, I was amazed at the rate at which the redness and scarring diminished. I continued to use the gel for some time afterward with great results. I cannot speak highly enough of this product and its incredible properties. B Mitchell, Doune.

‘The Aloe Ferox products are excellent. They’ve given me great relief from constipation and hemorrhoids which I’ve suffered from for the last 2 years. Remedies I used previously worked for a week and then I reverted back to start. It was the same with numerous diet changes. I was been driven demented. The Aloe Ferox keeps on working.’ LEO Patrick, Dundalk, Co Louth, Rep. of Ireland.

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