Importance of blood circulation

The importance of blood circulation.

It’s not something you consider every day, but the fact is that poor circulation means poor health.

The ‘science bit’ is that the blood vascular system is comprised of the blood, heart & blood vessel (including the arteries, veins, capillaries). The primary functions are to carry nutrients and oxygen to the cells and vital organs, carry waste products away from the cells and vital organs, and assist in the maintenance of the acid-alkaline balance of the blood. Very importantly, the blood vascular system is a key player in the body’s fight against disease.

Natural herbal remedies that help improve circulation.

Omega 3 is a very important natural anti-inflammatory agent which helps to prevent heart disease by reducing inflammation in the arteries. It is also useful for supporting the body’s immune system with beautifying benefits for skin.

A volatile vitamin, Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant that neutralises harmful free radicals. Regarding its importance in blood health, Vitamin C is involved in the metabolism of cholesterol into bile acids, which may contribute to healthy blood cholesterol levels and/ or prevent formation of gall stones.

The Aloe Ferox wellbeing  makes use of the considerable properties of the plant Aloe Ferox which contains over 130 medicinal compounds. It is a pharmacy’ in a plant. There are numerous wellbeing issues that Aloe Ferox can help to alleviate.

Always seek the advice of your health practitioner.


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