Menopause. During menopause you might Aloe Ferox Eva helpful to improve your general sexual health and wellbeing. Aloe Ferox Eva is particularly helpful with hormonal balance and during menopause. Used daily Eva provides relief for menopause due to its beneficial effect on;
  • The wellbeing of the female reproductive & sexual organs as well as the bladder
  • Menstrual wellbeing, easing the discomfort of ‘that time of the month’
  • Hormone harmony, during menopause.
  • And if you have a teenager in your life it’s helpful for balancing their hormones too. emotional balance.
  • Active ingredients. Aloe ferox Whole-leaf, Damiana, Angus Castus, Black Cohosh, Pyridoxine HCI.
Natural Beauty Care suggestions on how to manage your menopause; By reducing stress. Through exercise. With sleep and rest. With less tears. Through following a well-balanced diet. For the man in your life.  Adam from Aloe Ferox is a herbal remedy to male prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. It is a safe, powerful formulation of carefully selected botanicals. Think of it as a natural ‘viagra’. What does it do?
  • Stimulates libido
  • Improves sexual performance.
  • Helps maintain the health of the prostate.
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