Aloe Ferox natural skincare and wellbeing products from South Africa. 

Aloe Ferox is a range of natural skincare, hair care and wellbeing products. Timeless Skin is a paraben-free, clinically proven anti-ageing solution.

Natural Beauty Care are exclusive UK agents for these unique ‘out of Africa’ brands. Happily we ship to Europe and all around the world.


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What makes Aloe Ferox different?

  • The natural, healing, moisturising, and rejuvenating properties of Aloe Ferox are legendary.
  • It’s indigenous to the Cape, South Africa where it grows organically.
  • Aloe Ferox is free-range harvested, by local tappers. Careful plant management means they live for around 50 years.
  • The land on which Aloe Ferox grows is no use for farming of crops or live stock. The local farmer makes a deal with the free-range harvester to pick the aloe. Profits from the sale are shared there and then. 1/3 to the farmer 2/3 to the rent-free worker. The worker’s family and local community benefit daily.  The whole process is arguably better than Fair Trade.

Aloe Ferox natural skincare solutions.

Aloe Ferox has been used as a natural remedy for millennium; treating burns and helping to  heal and regenerate skin.

Be well, stay well with Aloe Ferox wellbeing herbal products.


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