About Natural Beauty Care – an origin story – of sorts

about natural beauty care

Natural Beauty Care is based in Scotland in the United Kingdom. We are the official UK distributor for the unique Aloe Ferox range of skincare and wellbeing products, from South Africa.

When I say “we” it’s me with a bit of help from my lovely family. I’m the definition a microbusiness. But I love doing this on the side as my customers, of over a decade, rely on the products so much.

When I first discovered the brand, I did so by accident when visiting my folks in South Africa. Within days people were asking me what I was doing as I was looking so well. For the first time in my life I was getting compliments on my skin. Having had trouble since my teens, and sun damage from growing up in a hot climate, that was a pleasant surprise. The answer was simple – I had changed to a natural skincare product range, Aloe Ferox. Step one I was using the Aloe Ferox Super Aloe Gel as a moisturiser as it was freshening and gave me an instant “lifting effect”. It was tightening and rebuilding my skin at a cellular level. The bonus was that is was / is free of oil, parabens and perfume – which often aggrevate my sensitive skin. But it is impressivly moisturising without creating a shine on my T-zone combination skin. Step two, for extra moisture and a great make-up base I was teaming it with Rejuvenating Essence. To my pleasant surprise the Rejuvenating Essence also has a natural sunscreen. I put it to the test at a sunny sports day, when my face and neck were unscorched. As for the rest of me? Well we don’t always get it right, do we?

Now for a little real life drama.

The radiatior on my husband’s van blew up. Unfortunately he was under the hood at the time. If you are squemish, the less said about the next few hours, the better. After medical intervention that left the two district nurses shaken (they’d never experienced such a severe burn) a strict routine of daily dressings started. After what felt a short while, it was time for bandages to come off to aerate the wound. The problem was that apart from being told to “keep it moisturised” there was no further advice. By now I had done my homework about Aloe Ferox rigerously, and had made a big investment with products coming by sea. Problem was I needed the burn remedy right away. So I did some business with another agent as he couldn’t wait. Initally as the wound was trying to heal, and scab, it was driving him “mental” with itchiness and the pain was ever-present. After two days, that’s worth repeating, two days, he almost forgot about his injury. A friend of ours is a burns unit nurse and was stressing how, given the extent of the burn, how his outcome could have been a whole lot worse. Now, only the photos are evidence of his mishap. There was no infection, no scarring and that van – it went to the scrap yard. He let me record his progress as it was pretty incredible. See the burn case study for yourself.

I was so impressed with the results that I turned my discovery into a little business. To this day these two products are my “hero products” and a day or two of not using the Super Aloe Gel delivers results – spots. So I am never without it.

Discover something new. You’ll be glad you did.

Michelle, Owner

about natural beauty care

If you are from South Africa you may have grown up with the Aloe Ferox range – and it grows with you. Products are available for young sensitive children’s skin, the teenage problem skin, middle age changeable skin and the golden years, too. And when life presents obstacles like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, sunburn, acne, and rosacea (we could go on), there are products to keep you, and your skin beautiful. 

Once an Aloe Ferox fan, always an Aloe Ferox fan.

Where in the world are you?

We have customers – and friends – from all around the world and are happy to send you these unique products. We post throughout the UK, Europe, and as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. Don’t let geography stop you from being an Aloe Ferox fan – join the community.

Unfortunately due to the prohibitive postal costs, we aren’t currently servicing the Far East, Middle East, North America or South America. And for obvious reasons, Russia.


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