Hello there,

We are experiencing now, what will become a historic moment that is likely to change the way we live, work and play, perhaps forever. I hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well.

We are still open for business, and are happy to provide you with your regular products. That’s not vital for skincare, but can be for constipation remedies.

South Africa, the original home of Aloe Ferox, is currently in shutdown, but the manufacturer is providing a vital service, making hand sanitisers, which is good to know. There may be some disruption with exports given the lack of aircraft and the reduced logistical ability.

Should you product run out you can purchase on back order and be in line to receive it as soon as a new consignment arrives. If you are having trouble placing an order please let us know.

On a personal note, in our home we’re trying to turn this to an advantage. Taking time to slow down, spend time as a family and remember what’s really important in life. Spring is warming up. Snowdrops are being followed by daffodils are blooming and the days are brightening.

In anticipation of a summer that is warm, long and Corona free, wishing you well my friends.


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